Session Recordings

Data Innovation Day

Watch the recordings of 15 insightful sessions.


Low Cost Entry and First Steps into Cloud Technologies


Data Governance in a Multi-Tenant Hybrid Environment


How to Prevent a Cloud Vendor Lock-in by Choosing the Right Cloud Strategy


Data Privacy in the Cloud


Get the Maximum of Your Cloud


Cutting-edge Solutions

New Trends in Lead Management


Optimize and Scale Up Your Business Through Artificial Intelligence


IoT & Sustainability: A Game Changer for Digital Transformation


Accelerate Your Business with a Virtual Showroom


Containerization of Spark on Kubernetes


Business Innovations

RPA: Scaling Up Automated Business Processes


Global Work, Local Impact. The Future of Data Management


From Understanding Your Data to the Single Source of Truth


The Data Warehouse Isn't Dead


Mainframe Capacity Planning and Optimization with Machine Learning Algorithms


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