Feature Engineering

Feature Engineering is the key to success in Machine Learning

Most of the time, your available data is not in the shape required for statistical modeling or machine learning. Even if you have the most brilliant algorithm fitted to the data it may not produce a good amount of information just because the information stays inaccessible. Unlocking this information and making it accessible to statistical modeling boosts the results of the models tremendously. This process is known as Feature Engineering and it is a prerequisite to many model development tasks.

Unlock hidden information and use it for Statistical Modeling.

To put it in a nutshell: Our experts at Adastra create features that make machine learning algorithms operate to their fullest potential. Features can be created by a variety of operations like transposing data, binning data, scaling, extracting time components, as well as statistical and mathematical calculations.

Why Choose Adastra?

Usually, Feature Engineering is an expensive and time consuming step. Fear not, though, we are there to help and we know how. Our experts in the filed have a lot of hands-on experience coupled with in-depth business domain knowledge which enables us to identify the top set of features for a certain task. Adastra experts are well equipped to consult on this matter and deliver know-how while following our clients' best practices. We tailor specifically to your needs, exactly the way you need it. You will not get dogmatism from us, we are focusing on reliable results instead.

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