15. 09. 2023

Proven IT Security - Evaluating the Security of Sphere's Software Solution on AWS

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In the ever-evolving digital world, the need for robust network security has never been greater. As businesses increasingly continue to rely more on digital tools and platforms, the potential for cyber attacks and data breaches also increases.

In fact, a recent study found that a cyberattack occurs every 39 seconds. This alarming statistic highlights the importance of network security for businesses of all sizes and industries. Network security is essential for protecting a company's sensitive information, such as customer data, financial records, and intellectual property. Failure to adequately secure a network can result in costly data breaches, damaged reputations, and significant loss of customer trust.

Security concerns play a crucial role in business and in most cases, service providers need to prove their software is secure and protected to conduct business with large enterprises. There are certain methods to check network/software security such as black-box penetration testing. During black-box testing, the role of an outside hacker with no internal knowledge of the target system is assumed.


For these reasons, most companies demand certain security compliance from their service providers and expect the developed software to be capable of withstanding such attacks and able to protect its integrity and privacy.

Large Enterprises

The Sphere Case

Adastra recently conducted a series of security tests on Sphere's virtual reality software on AWS using black-box penetration testing methods. Our client, Sphere, a cutting-edge software technology company specializing in virtual reality systems, has been working closely with one of the largest automotive manufacturers in Europe.

As part of their collaboration, the automotive company required Sphere to demonstrate the robustness and security of their software to ensure the protection of sensitive information and maintain the integrity of their systems.

The black-box penetration test conducted by Adastra aimed to identify potential vulnerabilities and security weaknesses in Sphere's software without prior knowledge of the system's inner workings. This type of testing simulates the perspective of a potential attacker, allowing Adastra to uncover any flaws that might be exploited. By passing Adastra's black-box penetration test, Sphere has proven its commitment to providing secure virtual reality solutions for its high-profile automotive partner, ensuring a strong foundation for their ongoing collaboration and fostering trust between the two companies.

Adastra was able to conduct the testing and deliver the results in a month. The project took place in July 2023. Adastra experts simulated a potential infiltrator, and penetration testing allowed Sphere to reflect on and improve the security of their software. 

The Adastra team was very responsive throughout our project and very easy to work with. Even in the lead-up to the project, they demonstrated clear knowledge and experience with this type of work that made it an easy decision to work with them as they instilled a high level of confidence. Having completed the project now, we're very happy with having worked with them and will gladly recommend them in the future. We look forward to working with them again ourselves!

Leon Laroue | Head of Strategic Partnerships | Sphere

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