24. 05. 2023

An Intelligent Companion in Digital Modernization: Informatica Data Management Cloud (IDMC)

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The demand for digital modernization has been increasing, and day by day organizations across the globe are accelerating their adoption of Cloud architecture for their analytical workloads and Data Centers. The advantages of the Cloud over on-prem solutions include: scalability, flexibility, cost-effectiveness, resiliency, and security.

In the World Economic Forum, it was revealed that 80% of the companies from all industries scheduled to expedite their digital transformation efforts, and the cloud platforms are the most prominent solution for companies which prioritize modernization.

Informatica Data Management Cloud (IDMC)

Informatica’s Data Management Cloud (IDMC) is a great alternative for companies to operate their digital transformation. IDMC is a cloud-based, independent, neutral, and complete data management solution powered by CLAIRE©, Informatica’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) engine which is optimized for automation and intelligence.

Operating on serverless, modern, and flexible microservices stack, IDMC connects the data consumers to its sources intelligently, allowing organizations to manage their data efficiently and securely. With its ability to assist companies in effectively managing the difficulties of dealing with scattered and fragmented data, companies can genuinely innovate with their data on any platform, any cloud, multi-cloud, and multi-hybrid.

The following core qualities of IDMC facilitate organizations in gaining a competitive advantage over their competitors:

  • Cloud-native at scale. With its flexible and serverless processing, supreme scalability is provided for all enterprise workloads.

  • AI-native at scale. Provides possibility to automate thousands of manual tasks. By applying AI and ML to data and metadata, faster data-led transformation is acquired.

  • Multi-cloud, multi-hybrid. Ability to run, interoperate and support all combinations of multi-cloud and on-premises hybrid infrastructures.

  • Low-code/no-code experience. Enhances flexibility by enabling a broad community of data professionals in your company to take action.

  • Security and trust as design principles. Ensures the maximum level of security, data quality, end-to-end data governance, and data privacy throughout the organization.

Gartner's Magic Quadrant For Data Integration

Informatica’s IDMC provides best-in-class capabilities when it comes to data integration. By leveraging flexible and serverless computing, IDMC is able to access and integrate the data at scale. End-to-end business processes are automated, and applications are connected by using API & App integration.

Informatica has been named a Leader in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Data Integration Tools in 2022, acquiring the same title 17 years in a row. If the IDMC’s core qualities and integration capabilities are taken into consideration, it is the most comprehensive solution for organizations across various industries regardless of their size.

Benefits of IDMC

Migrating to IDMC allows companies to leverage AI- and ML-based, intelligent data management cloud that helps organizations from all sectors to become more data-driven, acquire valuable business insights and strengthen client relations. IDMC is a more scalable, flexible, and cost-efficient platform in comparison to its counterparts that enables a consumption-based model resulting in significant cost reduction. It increases profitability and customer satisfaction and boosts employee satisfaction by reducing workloads leveraging automation for manual tasks. Businesses can benefit from IDMC in the following ways:

  • Improves productivity with governed and trusted data access for all data consumers.
  • Significantly increases revenue and profitability with accurate, high-quality, and trustworthy data by leveraging AI models in operation.
  • Improves the effectiveness of your operations by making your business processes and workflows simpler.
  • Ensures the accuracy and preservation of the sensitive data, reducing regulatory risks.
  • Enables 360-degree view of relations between clients, products and suppliers across the business; enhancing agility and resilience.


Informatica Partners With Adastra

Adastra and Informatica have a long-standing partnership; for 15+ years, we have worked with  customers, providing intelligent data mapping solutions for various organizations to help them accelerate business growth, improve efficiency, and acquire data-driven business insights.

Recently, Adastra has been awarded Platinum Partner status by Informatica, which is the highest level of partnership within its Global Partner Program, maximizing our collaboration and strengthening Adastra’s bond with Informatica.

As a Platinum Partner, we cooperate with Informatica even more closely, enabling joint customers to benefit from Informatica Data Management Cloud (IDMC), and we provide enhanced migration capabilities for our clients, helping them to expedite their digital transformation journey. We offer our deep expertise and market-leading solutions, leveraging our full-stack capability to provide end-to-end solutions.

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Why Adastra?

For over two decades, Adastra Corporation has transformed businesses into digital leaders, helping global organizations innovate, achieve operational excellence, and create unforgettable customer experiences, all with the power of their data. 

At the forefront of Artificial Intelligence, Data, Cloud, Digital and Governance services, Adastra delivers solutions to enterprises to leverage data that they can control and trust, connecting them to their customers – and their customers to the world.

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