30. 01. 2023

Automotive’s Courageous Actions for Sustainable Development

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Digital Solutions for Greener Futures

The economic and political conjuncture of the world has caused a significant increase in energy costs and has started to influence policies worldwide. In Germany alone, energy costs have doubled in 2022 compared to the last year and are considered to be an evolving threat to the German industry, as nearly 30% of Germany's total energy usage comes from industrial operations.

Governments around the world have started to intervene with precautionary and relieving measures to withstand the increasing energy costs and CO2 emissions. In fact, for the first time in history, the European Union announced a uniform climate law and representatives of the EU institutions have agreed to achieve net-zero carbon by 2050.

Consequently, the German industry has started to abandon fossil-fueled energy and is migrating to clean and renewable energy sources. Automotive is one of the leading fields to adapt to green energy protocols and to take actions for sustainability transformation by forcing manufacturers and suppliers to integrate eco-friendly operations and production processes.

In this context, Adastra participated in the Handelsblatt Auto-Gipfel as a Green Partner on December 7 and 8, 2022. We presented our digital solution that we provide for one of the largest automotive giants in Europe to transform their retail operations.


The Handelsblatt Auto-Gipfel underlined the need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, the importance of using renewable energy sources, and the need to conserve natural resources. Additionally, the summit highlighted the need for businesses and governments to take action to address climate change and support sustainable development. Innovative use cases around the use of data to drive sustainability were presented. The presentations were followed by interactive discussions between the audience.

Mayur Hastak

Mayur Hastak

Senior Data Architect

The Handelsblatt Auto-Gipfel presented a great opportunity for companies to have a clear overview of challenges that they may face as they make the switch to using green energy. The sessions mainly focused on geopolitical restructuring of supply chains, the reorganization of raw material purchasing, and the transformation of vehicles through software and digitalization.

Mayur Hastak, Senior Data Architect at Adastra GmbH, and Alexander Sandau, Project Lead GoToZero Retail at Volkswagen AG and representative of our client, presented our solution during one session. Participants gained insights into our services and current implementations of our solution to help our client to achieve net-zero targets by 2050.

During our presentation, we showcased our client-specific solution to collect and measure CO2 emissions through their entire retail processes. This included how we collect the data and ensure the data quality with real-time quality controls and how Tableau helped us to create user-friendly data visualization dashboards.

The Handelsblatt Auto-Gipfel provided know-how and valuable insights for companies in their sustainability journey. Real-life cases helped companies to understand the possible challenges and gave key clues for effective sustainability initiatives.



Sustainability Efforts and Projects

As a Green Partner, we also received a climate certificate from Handelsblatt as they were able to host the Auto-Gipfel as a climate-neutral event. With Adastra's support, the CO2 emissions of the conference can be offset in a climate-effective way with investments in certified climate protection projects.

Speaking of which, Adastra also supports the largest REDD+ project in Mataven Colombia. The project aims to protect approximately 1.2 million square meter tropical forests that has significant influence on the region and country. Avoiding deforestation and safeguarding biodiversity efforts contribute to the UN sustainable development goals (SDG) and help to reduce 3.6 million tons of carbon emissions.


If you would like more information on the solutions we provide to our client from the automotive industry, download our success story on an analytics solution for an improved sustainability.

Success Story: Sustainability Analytics Solution for Automotive Manufacturer (465.2kb)

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