15. 03. 2021

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Avoiding a Cloud Vendor Lock-in with Multi-Cloud Data Lakes

When it comes to Cloud and Cloud Migration, managers are often at a loss and hesitate to start with the migration, as it may seem very complex at first glance. Without real experience and with the desire to have an immediate implementation of the entire migration with all data and systems, they face a mountain of challenges. In addition, there is often the concern of a Cloud Vendor Lock-in, which means to be dependent on a single Cloud Provider.

On 9th and 10th March 2021, Adastra was a speaking partner at the digital ScaleUp 360° Big Data. Topics included the strategic use of big data for digital transformation and the use of artificial intelligence, automated data integration, Cloud Data & Analytics, tools for Data Lakes and graphical tools to accelerate Big Data projects.

You want to follow a big bang approach to upload all your data and systems to the Cloud fast and at once? This way you might fail to see important pitfalls. Better start small and grow securely and carefully.

On the second day of the event, Toma Buchinsky (CEO and Data Architect) together with Ankit Pandey (Senior Big Data & Cloud Architect) and Slavomir Krivak (Big Data & Cloud Architect) held a presentation on the topic From Data Warehouse to Data Lakes to Multi-Cloud Data Lakes - Challenges and Solutions. They highlighted challenges that can arise when migrating to a modern Cloud environment and showed how these can be mastered successfully without running the risk of getting into a Cloud Vendor Lock-in. Two case studies were used to illustrate this. Download the presentation slides here and watch the presentation.

Download presentation slides (3.3mb)

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Von Data Warehouse über Data Lakes zu Multi-Cloud Data Lakes – Herausforderungen und Lösungen

Watch the video of the presentation now:

Cloud Vendor Lock-in? No, thanks!

With Adastra, you have the right partner for your Cloud Migration projects. With our experience and expertise as well as a Multi-Cloud approach, we assist you step-by-step in your Cloud Migration to create a smooth transition and avoid a Cloud Vendor Lock-in. Contact us now to learn more.

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