11. 05. 2023

Exciting Gathering of the Cloud Community at AWS Summit Berlin 2023

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The demand for cloud platforms has shown a stable increase in the last years and day by day more organizations around the world continue seeking out cloud solutions. Cloud solutions are the fastest-growing segment in the IT market and it is predicted to grow significantly in the near future.

Among the North-American and European-based enterprises, 39% have already adopted cloud-based solutions with an additional 14% in pilots and by 2026, 17% of the remaining enterprises are predicted to be operating on cloud platforms.

In fact, Gartner predicts a minimum of 20.7% growth in worldwide cloud spending by the end of 2023, reaching to $590 billion. More than 50% of enterprises will be benefiting from the cloud in 2027, and by 2030, the cloud market is expected to reach $1.55 trillion.

The main causes of this incredible demand are clearly the advantages of migrating to the modern cloud. Cloud solutions enable companies to reduce their costs significantly by allowing consumption-based subscription models, bringing a substantial amount of flexibility with it. Organizations can cut the license and maintenance costs of their on-premises legacy data centers significantly that would normally be unavoidable. On top of that, the modern cloud provides much higher scalability, enhanced security, and higher availability, allowing organizations to have a faster and more reliable IT environment.


Adastra at AWS Summit Berlin

On May 4, 2023, AWS unified the cloud community at the AWS Summit Berlin and presented an opportunity for all participants to share and exchange knowledge. Adastra has been repeatedly participating in the AWS Summits and is recognized as an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner.

This year, Adastra was again sponsor of the event and exchanged with participants on topics such as their cloud migration journeys, current challenges, and alike. The AWS Summit revealed that more companies around the world have recognized the advantages of the cloud and of becoming data-driven.


Intensive discussions with clients and our AWS partners showed that a wide range of companies in Germany have understood that becoming data-driven in the cloud unlocks real business values.

Dalia Paul

Dalia Paul

Head of Sales


Adastra at AWS Summit Berlin 2023


Recognizing organizations' tendency to become data-driven and ability to make decisions based on business insights that are derived from cloud analytics was a striking outcome of the summit. This could now be considered among the main motivations of companies demanding cloud services along with countless precious benefits of the cloud.

With Adastra and AWS promoting the AWS Migration Acceleration Program (MAP), the AWS Summit presented a unique opportunity to further motivate organizations to migrate to the cloud. Thanks to Adastra’s long-standing partnership with AWS, companies were able to submit their cloud migration use cases at Adastra’s booth to have the possibility of receiving a funding by Adastra and AWS supporting their cloud migration.


One of the most exciting moments for me was during the Partner Summit keynote when Vittorio Sanvito, AWS Head of EMEA Partner organization, highlighted Adastra's success. This recognition from AWS is a significant achievement that validates our team's expertise and capability to deliver exceptional services and solutions to our clients. It's a testament to our commitment to providing high-quality services on AWS. We're thrilled about the future and looking forward to further growth with AWS.

Dr. Johannes Mellenthin

Dr. Johannes Mellenthin

Head of Data Science and Business Development Manager AWS Services


AWS Migration Accerelation Program (MAP) at AWS Summit Berlin 2023

Did you know that Adastra is an Advanced Consulting Partner of AWS?

Recognized as AWS Advanced Consulting partners are companies with skilled and certified technical experts in AWS services who have a track record of delivering exceptional customer experiences.

Adastra, a worldwide IT consulting company and Advanced Consulting Partner of AWS, offers cloud data & analytics services that are instrumental in driving your digital transformation. With multiple offices across the globe, Adastra is capable of supporting your projects in different time zones. We offer technical expert consultation and seamless guidance throughout your cloud projects, including ongoing maintenance post-implementation.


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