20. 12. 2021

Celebrating Christmas, sharing joy and second chances

Reading time: 2 Min.

What would Christmas be without presents? For many people, giving presents under the Christmas tree is just as much a part of Christmas as having family dinner or watching Christmas movies. It is always a pleasure to give presents to your loved ones. But we think it is just as important to think of those who may not be able to look forward to Christmas and everything we associate with it this year. That's why we make a donation to a charitable organization every Christmas.

This year, we are supporting the WWOX Foundation with an amount of at least 2,500 €. The WWOX Foundation is researching and working on a cure for an extremely rare gene mutation. Children born with this gene mutation have severely impaired brain development and as a result live with disabilities. Because of its rare occurrence, not many people are aware of this gene mutation or how they can help. We are pleased to be able to support the important work of the WWOX Foundation with our donation. And this year, there is even more possible – additional to the 2,500 €, we are having an employee involvement. We are already excited to see how much money for this good cause will be collected by the Adastrans and are happy to double this amount. Here you can find more information about the WWOX Foundation as well as information on how you can help as well.

On the other hand, we asked all participants of our digital advent calendar which further organization we should support with a donation. And you have chosen - we will donate another 500 € to DKMS. Under the motto "We delete blood cancer", the DKMS is committed to giving people diagnosed with blood cancer a second chance at life. Every 12 minutes, a person in Germany receives the devastating diagnosis of blood cancer, worldwide every 27 seconds. Blood cancer is still the most common cause of cancer-related deaths among children. Through a stem cell donation, many patients' lives can be saved. We hope to support the organization with our contribution. If you would also like to donate or register as a stem cell donor, you can find more information here.