16. 02. 2021

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Why you need to move to the cloud, but you don’t need a cloud migration strategy?

Before we start, we need to make it clear. No matter the size and the sector of your business, you really need to move to the Cloud. This means that the faster you transfer your data, operations and team management to the Cloud, the greater advantage you will gain against your competitors. Why?

Here are some of the short-listed benefits that the Cloud will bring to your business:

Improved cost-efficiency

The Cloud helps you to optimize costs for storing big amounts of data, especially in comparison to self-storage that pays not only for servers and networks, but for inventory and expertise, too. The Cloud offers a centralized and – more importantly – automized solution to your business needs; in other words, no servers and staff for maintenance of hardware infrastructure needed to perform many of the day-to-day actions related to storage.

Enhanced security

Security was one of the hot topics of 2020 and it seems to be even hotter in 2021. Moving to the Cloud means no longer being dependent to one’s laptop, neither to multiple passwords. According to a recent Salesforce survey,  83% of IT leaders say Cloud security is now more trustworthy than ever. Although companies should always remain vigilant when storing sensitive data, the Cloud offers many more possibilities for protection and encryption.

Better data analysis

The future of business belongs to those who can make sense of data. However, it is frequently too time- and resource-consuming to analyze raw data in order to use it within important decision-making processes. Another advantage of moving to the Cloud is the ease and speed in which data can be processed, analyzed and categorized. Cloud analytics can help you target your audiences better, improve business processes, products and services and innovate constantly. As Data Engineering is one of our core competences, we at Adastra love data. We have developed a substantial expertise in interconnecting and analyzing various data sources in batches as well as in real-time mode, on-premise or in the Cloud. Regardless of the company size, options for Cloud data analytics are various and all support your business intelligence growth. Contact us if you want to find out more via the contact form on the bottom of the page.

Faster testing environment and rapid implementation of innovation

Most business owners know that integration of test environments and testing their performance might last for long periods of time before a definite result comes-up. Comparing to those extensive processes, the Cloud offers multiple options for testing with just a couple of mouse clicks. Likewise, updates and implementation of innovation take no longer than several minutes.

Why is a no-strategy approach better for your Cloud Migration?

First things first, whenever your business is ready to undertake this step, you will need to optimize the process in order to minimize potential loss of data, time and resources. This is where Cloud Migration strategy comes into place to bring a detailed and personalized plan for your further actions. Of course, there are many benefits in investing into a long-term Cloud strategy, but throughout our experience as consultants at Adastra Germany we have gained significant insight on how a Cloud Migration strategy can actually impede your smooth relocation.

Although Cloud Migration strategy will help you understand the migration process better and prepare your business to move, we have noticed that, when there is too much focus on the strategy, the actual transfer is postponed in the timeline. Not without a surprise we have discovered that a number of businesses that have undertaken a Cloud Migration strategy approach have never reached to the point to actually move any premise to the Cloud because they got carried away by the unproductive bureaucratic burden of strategy design. This is especially true for small and medium enterprises that need more flexibility, but instead they are advised to follow the same path as large companies.

This is why we strongly recommend the consideration of a more organic than rather strategic approach in order to gain agility and with a minimum resource spent in planning. During the years we have developed a simple three-step methodology that replaces Cloud Migration extensive strategy and allows you to begin in small steps and test the possibilities of the Cloud.


The three phases of our methodology include:

  • Assess - discover and analyze the current state to understand the capacity for change.​
  • Architect - design the target state, roadmap the migration, and initiate the organizational enablers.​
  • Act - migrate to modern architecture and start operating it.

By implementing this methodology, our main goal is to make the transition easy and resultful for you and your business in a short period of time. Moreover, as being a Cloud agnostic (independent from Cloud providers) consultancy, we can also offer you low-cost Cloud entry solutions that can shorten the migration up to four weeks.

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