02. 05. 2022

Don’t miss out on Multi-Cloud! - And here is why

Today, the use of at least one public Cloud platform is a standard. The nature of this usage is increasingly expanding to the implementation of complex, microservices-based applications for Advanced Analytics and Machine Learning. Multi-Cloud enables the use of Cloud Computing and storage services from different Cloud platforms in a single heterogeneous architecture. This avoids vendor lock-ins and ensures the ability to deploy the same application simultaneously on different Cloud platforms.

The 9. Jahresforum Finanz & Daten Architektur in Banken took place on 22nd and 23rd March 2022 in Mainz. Our experts Toma Buchinsky (CEO & Data Architect), Thomas Sprenger (Head of Adastra Frankfurt) and Dalia Paul (Head of Sales & Marketing) participated in the event along with other key stakeholders of the industry. Focal points of discussions and sessions were topics such as Next Level Risk Management, Data Governance and Cloudification, among others.

In a presentation titled "Mit dem Data Lake in die Multi-Cloud? Von portablen Cloud-agnostischen Kubernetes-Lösungen profitieren", Toma Buchinsky further introduced the topic of Multi-Cloud. He highlighted current developments in Cloud adoption and illustrated them with success stories from Adastra. A portable Big Data solution on Kubernetes, its goal and benefits were presented and discussed in more detail. Not only the relevance of Multi-Cloud in today's world was addressed, but also guidelines to be considered for successful Multi-Cloud adoption.

Below, you can find the presentation slides to download for free

Session Slides: Mit dem Data Lake in die Multi-Cloud? (6.3mb)

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The conversations around the area of Multi-Cloud were continued at Adastra's booth with the experts and rounded off with further topics such as Data Mesh, RPA and Anomaly Detection.

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