30. 05. 2022

„Machine Learning: Interactive Predictions & Alerting Solutions”

Machine learning (ML) models understand your data on a much deeper level and provide dynamic solutions that contribute to a better business transparency. By using mathematical approaches and optimization, ML identifies the underlying structural patterns and segmentations of your data and makes predictions based on past behavior. The benefits of this include improved adaptability of your processes and more efficient, customized solutions to your individual problems, among others.

If you’re not yet getting the most out of Machine Learning (ML), it's finally time for you to do so – we'll show you how! At the past event Big Data & AI World, our experts gave two exciting presentations, which we would like to recap with you here, so that you can stay informed about Adastra's recent approaches in this field.

Head of Data Science, Dr. Johannes Mellenthin, opened the event for Adastra with his case study titled "Interactive machine learning predictions using microservices and Tableau". Thereby he visualized based on a use case how real-time predictions can be accomplished by means of ML and used in an application-specific way. He then took a more detailed look at Microservice Architecture and rounded off his presentation with an exemplary Tableau dashboard.

The full presentation is available to download for you here:

Session Slides: Interactive Machine Learning Predictions using Microservices and Tableau (2.8mb)

Download PDF


On the second day of the event, Dr. Simona Ciceri, Lead Data Scientist, and Yanki Okdemir, Tableau Practice Lead, presented an "Alerting Solution for Improved Cost Efficiency" and demonstrated how to detect anomalies early by leveraging ML. The objectives, tools and concrete approaches for anomaly detection were presented based on a practical example. A visualization of the so-called "alerts" completed the solution with a final Tableau live demo.

Download the presentation here for further reading:

Session Slides: Alerting Solution for Improved Cost Efficiency: How to leverage ML to detect anomalies (3.1mb)

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