28. 06. 2022

ML & AI - Adastra paves the way!

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There is no chance of avoiding Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence when it comes to digitalizing your company and processes - and there also shouldn't be! At Adastra, we work closely with our clients to find the best possible solution for them and successfully implement it together. We show how they can reap benefits such as increased efficiency, cost savings and higher employee and customer satisfaction as quickly as possible. We showed exactly how this can be achieved at this year's TDWI in Munich.

Lars Nielsch, Principal Architect, gave an exciting presentation on the first day of the event entitled "KI-Lösung ist das Ziel – mit ML Engineering erreichen Sie es". ML Engineering can be used to manage the high complexity of data in the development of AI systems. Furthermore, he presented a roadmap to successfully deploy the ML Engineering concept.

View the content in detail again here:

Session Slides: KI-Lösung ist das Ziel – mit ML Engineering erreichen Sie es (5.3mb)

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On the following day, Dr. Johannes Mellenthin, Head of Data Science, gave an insight into Microservices and Tableau with his presentation "Interactive Machine Learning Predictions using Microservices and Tableau". The foregoing challenge was to bring advanced analytics to end users through well-established reporting tools. He displayed the possibility of calculating predictions in advance and in real-time. With the help of a use case, the topic was illustrated and its approaches and solutions were demonstrated and discussed with the audience.

Dowload the presentation here:

Session Slides: Interactive Machine Learning Predictions using Microservices and Tableau (2.7mb)

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