13. 10. 2021

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Next Level Data Analytics - going one step further with the Adastra IoT Analytics Factory

As digitalization advances, companies today have many opportunities to optimize their business efficiency. However, analyzing data and extracting meaningful, profitable value from it is a challenge for many. Especially nowadays, with Smart Manufacturing and Internet of Things (IoT) being assigned an increasing role and importance, professional data processing and analysis is indispensable to stay competitive in the industry.

On 20th and 21st September, Industry of Things World took place as a hybrid event focusing on IoT and Smart Manufacturing. Adastra was also part of the event, onsite in Berlin. Our colleague Dr. Simona Ciceri (Data Scientist) moderated the Data Management & Technical Infrastructure stream on the first day of the event.

Participants from various European industrial companies had the opportunity to exchange ideas and experiences during the event in discussions and presentations on Smart Factory, Big Data Analytics, IoT networks and security and other topics.

The sessions highlighted interesting examples on how IoT enables you to transform your or your client’s company to a smart business. In particular, it emerged how important the role of Data Management is in this transformation.

Dr. Simona Ciceri (Data Scientist)

In discussions at our booth, the participants were able to gain initial insights into why Adastra is the right partner for them in IoT-related questions. Thus, Adastra has many years of experience and strong expertise in BI & Analytics, platform development and Cloud-specific topics such as Cloud Migration. Thanks to our Adastra IoT Analytics Factory, we can use our proven Data Lake Framework in many projects and adjust it to customer-specific requirements. As a result, with us you have insightful analytics using a Cloud-based computing platform that will increase your business efficiency and revenue in the long term.

Optimize your business efficiency with Adastra IoT Analytics Factory.

Take on the challenge of analyzing your data meaningfully – and let us help you do it. This way, you can profitably benefit from our Adastra IoT Analytics Factory. With years of experience in building Data Lakes and Cloud Analytics platforms, Adastra is the ideal partner for your business. Contact us today, we look forward to your inquiry!

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