22. 04. 2022

Predictive Maintenance - A true Success Story

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Predictive Maintenance has become an integral part of modern production processes. The widespread and established solution provides information about the current condition of machines and estimates when maintenance should be performed. In this way, damage and failures of the machines can be avoided, costs can be saved, and production can be adjusted to regular control with the use of Machine Learning Modeling.

On 14th and 15th March, Adastra participated in the hybrid event Rethink! Smart Manufacturing both onsite in Berlin and via the online platform. At our booth, many interesting and informative discussions were held while doing valuable networking. These discussions were further stimulated by an exciting presentation on Predictive Maintenance titled "Enabling seamless production with predictive maintenance - A success story, and how yours can be one too.", given by our Adastra colleagues Dr. Simona Ciceri (Lead Data Scientist) and Dr. Johannes Mellenthin (Head of Data Science).


Our two experts presented a case study of an automotive parts manufacturer, Magna International Inc., and highlighted the core results and findings of the study. Topics such as Data Cleaning, Anomaly Detection and Machine Learning models were addressed. They not only explained the backgrounds of this case study, but also demonstrated the relevance that Predictive Maintenance can have in business processes in order to tangibly benefit from its use.

Below, you can find the presentation slides to download for free. Watch the presentation of our experts again here!

Predictive Maintenance Session Slides (1.6mb)

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Dr. Simona Ciceri

Lead Data Scientist

Dr. Johannes Mellenthin

Head of Data Science

In addition to their presentation, they moderated a "Challenge your Vendor" session. The focal points of this session included:

  1. How to move your model from your laptop to production? Recommendations and pitfalls
  2. Big Data: Laying the foundation for AI
  3. How to leverage AI to "dig into" your data and find solutions to optimize processes

Lars Nielsch (Principle Architect) was also part of Adastra’s onsite team in Berlin and took on the role of moderator at the parallel event AI in Manufacturing. Guiding through the event program on both days, he was able to lead further exciting discussions with participants and stakeholders.

We are looking forward to continuing the conversations with you even after the event and offering you support with Adastra's expertise – contact us for more information!

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