01. 07. 2020

Solution Study: Building a Data Foundation for Smart Manufacturing in the Cloud

Reading time: 2 min.

Industry 4.0 is all about connectivity and sensor technology. Data comes together from a wide range of company areas - as well as through the Internet of Things, which again opens up new data sources. Smart Manufacturing makes use of the high availability of IoT data. For example, the evaluation of sensor data can reveal optimization potential in the manufacturing process and enable intelligent predictions. However, it’s not enough to have lots of data - it must be collected and processed before it can be analysed.

The Adastra IoT Analytics Factory enables smart manufacturing, Cloud-based or on-premise. Here data from your smart systems is consolidated and analysed profitably. The solution is based on our powerful and proven Data Lake Framework, which we have optimized especially for IoT use cases.

At the virtual conference Rethink! Smart Manufacturing from Home our colleagues Martina Weigl, Senior Data Architect, and Jens Fache, Solution Architect, have introduced the audience to the Adastra IoT Analytics Factory. Take a look at their presentation to find out how to build a data foundation for smart manufacturing in the cloud.

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Find out, how to make the best of your IoT data by building a Data Foundation for Smart Manufacturing.

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