12. 05. 2021

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A strong Cloud Data & Analytics strategy - with Multi-Cloud Data Lakes

The digital transformation opens up many new possibilities for companies, also in terms of storing and securing their data. As such, the Cloud is an integral part of today's world. When migrating to the Cloud, companies often aim for a Big Bang approach, meaning the simultaneous transfer of all data and systems to the Cloud. With this approach, they face a number of challenges.

On 05th and 06th May 2021, Adastra was part of the online event Big Data & AI in Finance, Banking & Insurance as sponsor and speaking partner. Among other things, the event discussed how challenges in the banking, finance and insurance industry can be overcome with the help of Data Governance, Data Management and Consumer Analytics. Data-driven strategies and AI in Risk Management, Fraud Detection, AML and KYC were also in focus of the event.

At first glance, Cloud Migration may seem very complex to many. But if you start small, you can manage it successfully and thus escape a Cloud Vendor Lock-in.

Toma Buchinsky (CEO and Data Architect), Prashant Gangwar (IT Consultant) and Slavomir Krivak (Big Data & Cloud Architect) addressed the topic Boost your Cloud Data & Analytics - Avoiding Vendor Lock-ins with Multi-Cloud Data Lakes in their presentation on the first day of the event. Many companies are moving their data and processes to the Cloud step by step. However, obstacles can arise during Migration, such as being dependent on a single Cloud Provider. The three speakers explained how to avoid a Cloud Vendor Lock-in and other risks and illustrated this with two case studies. You can download the presentation slides here. You have questions or want to learn more? Just get in touch with us.

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Cloud Vendor Lock-in? No, thanks!

Benefit from Adastra's experience and expertise for your Cloud Migration projects. With our Multi-Cloud approach, we help you step-by-step with your Cloud Migration to create a smooth transition and avoid a Cloud Vendor Lock-in. Want to learn more? Get in touch with us!

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