15. 12. 2022

Sustainability meets Analytics – How to Measure and Reduce Carbon Emissions With AWS-Based Cloud Analytics

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Companies around the globe have been in a rush to take action on their environmental transformations for some time now. After being a megatrend throughout the world, sustainability has now become a legal responsibility with the European Green Deal. Accordingly, companies industry-wide have set the target of achieving net-zero carbon emissions by 2050. The problem is, many are lacking suitable solutions on how to measure and reduce their carbon footprint.

As Adastra, we support the European Green Deal and invest in applications to help companies reducing the carbon footprint of their operations and assisting to achieve net-zero targets. Adastra is Advanced Consulting Partner of AWS and continues to work together in this regard.

Therefore, in line with our partnership with AWS, together we hosted an exciting exclusive business dinner on November 21, 2022 in Munich at Der Pschorr to showcase a successful cloud data analytics solution that was used to measure and reduce retail carbon emissions at our client Volkswagen Group. The event was primarily aimed at decision makers wanting to learn how to take advantage of forward-leading data-driven solutions for an improved sustainability.

Together with Adastra, Volkswagen Group is implementing AWS-based cloud analytics to measure the carbon footprint of their retail operations, taking a brave step in achieving the net-zero target by 2050. In line with our client’s sustainability strategy, approximately 500 dealers are involved in the measurements and will eventually help Volkswagen Group to effectively reduce its CO2 emissions. 

The Road to

Net-Zero Carbon


Volkswagen AG has managed to deploy a cloud analytics platform on AWS that allowed to monitor and aggregate data from a multitude of dealers operating globally involving the analysis and the calculation of the CO2 footprint from the retail operations. This has proven especially useful in the understanding of the retail carbon footprint and contribute to the company’s vision on complying with the 2030 agenda for carbon neutrality.

Dr. Nikolaos Korfiatis

Dr. Nikolaos Korfiatis

Professor of Business Analytics UEA & Data Science Expert, Adastra GmbH

Over several presentations, participants learned how to measure and reduce their companies' carbon footprint. Mayur Hastak (Senior Cloud Data Architect, Adastra GmbH) and Alexander Sandau (Project Lead GoToZero Retail, Volkswagen AG) presented how retail dealerships at Volkswagen Group are aiming to become more sustainable using the power of data with a cloud-based solution by Adastra and AWS. Moreover, Michael Wallner (Senior Consultant AI/ML – BDSI Automotive, Amazon Web Services (AWS) explained how IoT, data, and machine learning can transform a company's shopfloor through smart manufacturing.

Our case represents a forward-leading example of how enterprises can leverage data-driven solutions in sustainability. We hope participants enjoyed the evening and were able to gain interesting insights about the possible approaches to go green with the help of data analytics


Dr. Nikolaos Korfiatis (Moderator), Michael Wallner, Alexander Sandau, Mayur Hastak and Toma Buchinsky (CEO, Adastra GmbH)

Session slides: GoToZero - Sustainability @ VW Retail (1.9mb)

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Missed the event? Download the presentation slides to learn more about the solution showcased, or check out our event video below.

Sustainability meets Analytics. An Exclusive Business Dinner Hosted by Adastra and AWS.

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