27. 09. 2022

Tackling old Data Governance challenges in a new way with Data Mesh

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The introduction and implementation of Data Governance is familiar territory for many banks. Data Governance manages the availability, usability, integrity, and security of data in enterprise systems, based on internal data standards and policies that also control data usage. In the financial industry in particular, external factors such as regulatory requirements and new data protection regulations are also influencing data use, so that new Data Governance challenges are emerging continuously.

But good Data Governance is not only crucial for compliance with regulatory requirements - it also forms the basis for successful Data Analytics. Modern companies rely more and more on extracting and filtering information from data to optimize operations and drive business decision making. To draw the right conclusions from existing data, it must first be available and usable, which is where Data Governance comes into play. Ensuring this can be very challenging for companies.

Data Mesh as a solution approach for Data Governance challenges

Data Mesh can be a helpful approach to solving Data Governance challenges. The primary goal of this decentralized approach is to create order and reduce complexity. With it, large amounts of data are divided into manageable, subject-oriented units which are also referred to as “data domains” and "data products”. In this way, teams are much better able to analyze their specific data independently. Responsibility for the data is then with the respective teams.

As briefly mentioned before, Data Mesh helps you for a better and more structured usability of large amounts of data, both within a company and across organizations. In this way, order can be created while at the same time reducing complexity, which leads you to being able to sustainably gain more value from your data.

Benefits Data Mesh approach at a glance

•    Better and more structured usability of large amounts of data
•    Order with less complexity at the same time
•    Sustainably higher added value from your data

In a presentation entitled “Next Best Hype: Data Mesh – helfen neue (Enterprise-) Architektur-Ansätze bei der Umsetzung von Data Governance?”, our colleague Lars Nielsch (Principal Solution Architect Analytics & Cloud) addressed the topic of Data Governance in connection with Data Mesh at the 4. Jahrestagung Integrierte Daten- und Reportingarchitekturen in Banken. Among other things, he provided solution ideas using Data Mesh for well-known Data Governance challenges. We are happy to provide you with the presentation slides as a download here.

Presentation slides: Next Best Hype: Data Mesh – helfen neue (Enterprise-) Architektur-Ansätze bei der Umsetzung von Data Governance? (1.8mb)

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