RPA Success Story

3x Faster Warranty Claim Processing


man-hours saved annually


faster claim processing


lag time in decision taking for claims

Business Case

Handling customer complaints about faulty parts, requires manual review of the claim. In most cases that is a time- and labor-intensive process which is prone to errors and subjective judgement.

Customer Objectives

  • Automate the claim review process
  • Provide better and faster customer experience in real-time
  • Provide standardized and non-biased claim processing

One of the largest automotive groups in Europe


Our team transformed a completely manual claim review process into an automated workflow. First, a ticket with the claim is created in the in-house ticketing system, which in turn generates an email and sends it to the bot’s mailbox. The bot afterwards goes into the ticketing system, checks whether the required images with the faulty part are present in the ticket’s description and passes them to the AI. A decision is then made, of how to proceed with the claim review - valid claim, non-valid claim or inconclusive. The first two decisions allow for the completion of the process within 5 minutes since claim entry.

Should the decision be inconclusive, another bot is being utilized, which takes care of monitoring the ticketing system for freshly uploaded pictures, then to repeat the decision-making process.


Thanks to this solution, our customer speeded up the claim review process, eliminated bias of people involved and improved the customer experience in their service centers. The process itself now involves only 1 person who triggers the automation workflow.

  • 0 lag time in decision taking
  • 3x faster claim processing
  • 625 man-hours saved annually

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