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Global Automotive Manufacturer Cuts Equipment Energy Costs by 15% Using IoT Data Analytics


Reduction in energy consumption


annual energy cost savings

No Disruption

of production during solution implementation

The Challenge Story

Optimizing production and finding efficient ways of reducing production costs have become a must for modern industries.  By managing expenses and enhancing production processes, businesses can offer consumers attractive prices without sacrificing quality, resulting in an competitive advantage.

Similarly, the businesses in automotive industry are under tremendous pressure for reducing costs, and try to integrate innovative ways of becoming more efficient especially after Covid-19 pandemic and the semi-conductor crisis in 2021.

Therefore, our client, one of the largest automotive manufacturers in Europe needed a very precise and an innovative solution to overcome the high production costs, become more efficient and have a more financially sustainable production. Our client’s priority was to optimize existing production machinery, and reduce their operating costs without pausing the production or compromising their product quality.


A global Automotive Manufacturer

The Solution

Adastra began with an in-depth understanding of the company's energy consumption patterns. Utilizing the expertise in statistical data analysis, we examined the production machines' energy usage, breaking down the information into actionable insights. Armed with this valuable data, Adastra was able to tailor an effective and user-friendly solution that enables machine operators to optimize their production machines.

To further enhance the effectiveness of the solution, we implemented an innovative IoT cloud monitoring system. This cutting-edge implementation allowed the car manufacturer to closely track energy consumption, enabling automated adjustments and continuous refinement of their energy usage strategies.

Global Automotive Manufacturer Cuts Equipment Energy Costs by 15% Using IoT Data Analytics

Solution Implementation with On-going Production

Adastra analyzed and optimized the production machinery and implemented the tailored solution without interrupting or pausing the manufacturer production

Scalability at its Best

Adastra designed the solution to be easily applicable across manufacturer’s multiple machines and production sites. This forward-thinking approach enabled the client to reap the benefits of Adastra's energy-saving solution on a much larger scale

The Impact

Adastra’s state-of-the-art tailored solution allows the global automotive manufacturer to cut energy costs and gain outstanding monetary and sustainability-related benefits. Our client benefits from lowered energy consumption of production machinery by 15%  resulting in significant cost savings every year.




Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE) or product quality is not affected


Reduced Energy Consumption of Production Machinery by 15%


Greatly Increased Cost-savings by Optimizing Production Machinery

These results were achieved without causing any delays or pausing the production while maintaining the Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE) and product quality.

After the deployment of the solution, the client:

  • Enhanced overall efficiency of the production machinery,
  • Lowered the production costs, 
  • Maintained a consistent quality,
  • Acquired visibility and observability of the production.

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