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Business Case

Being a decentralized data management approach, the concept of Data Mesh recently has been in the spotlight of the business world. Commonly referred to as a paradigm shift, Data Mesh requires not only technical transformation but also cultural change in businesses. Data Mesh provides benefits such as increased data accessibility, faster data delivery, and more accurate data for the end user, hence making this approach attractive for companies.

Aware of these Data Mesh benefits, our client, Volkswagen Financial Services AG, is implementing an innovative approach with Adastra, as part of their ambition to develop a state-of-the-art IT landscape. Rather than replacing existing architecture, coherent Data Mesh is a long-term goal for our client.

Client Objectives

  • Setup self-services for different purposes such as reporting, analytics and querying
  • Faster data delivery between data lakes and purpose-built data services
  • Enhanced data governance and meta data management
  • Data historization concept and fast scaling systems
  • Building scalable data rapidly and using a broad collection of purpose-built dataservices
  • Elastic scaling of long-running processes and high transparency for IT costs
  • Significant cost reduction to ensure data quality with an improved data management testing

Volkswagen Financial Services AG


Volkswagen Financial Services AG is working with Adastra as an experienced partner to enhance their current data architecture towards the principles of Data Mesh. Specifically designed templates are used in creating data products and data domains as part of the Data Mesh approach. We support our client to take initial steps toward integrating Data Mesh into their existing solutions using AWS Lake Formation.

Achieving a full-scale, coherent Data Mesh architecture with compatible systems requires commitment and time. For this reason, Adastra provides consultancy for Data Mesh architecture and helps carrying out implementation to ensure scalability and a smooth transition from currently established solutions. Our solution represents one of the first implemented use cases considering remarketing data and providing information about sales data in a standardized interface.

As a global consultancy company, Adastra has in-depth knowledge and experience to provide key solutions to facilitate Data Mesh transformation process. Thanks to our dedicated and specialized experts we support our clients to shape their target architecture.


  • Significant increase in overall data accessibility and quality
  • Considerably faster data delivery and enhanced data governance
  • More accessible data for multi-purpose usage
  • Ability to provide better cost transparency and cost efficiency

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