GCP Cloud Migration

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of a modern, resilient, scalable data environment


System Availability


datacenter maintenance/upgrade costs significantly

Business Case Summary

Our client was in search of a cost-effective, efficient, and modern platform to substitute upgrade their aging data centers. The aged architecture houses mission critical data for sales. As a result of the aging architecture, the organization acquired a growing technical debt with few resources capable of maintaining the environment. The costs associated with the upkeep of the systems were also becoming unsustainable.

Solution Summary

Our solution was to migrate the aged legacy system to Google Cloud Platform (GCP). Informatica Intelligent Cloud Services (IICS) was leveraged to solve compatibility issues of the legacy system with the Google Cloud. Bandwidth limitations could be overcome to successfully migrate the data center to GCP.

Benefits Summary

  1. Datacenter maintenance/upgrade costs are significantly reduced
  2. Resolution of technical know-how debt
  3. Ability to provide system availability of 99.9%
  4. Acquisition of a modern, resilient, scalable data environment

Business Case

On-premise data warehouses are widely used in many sectors. As the system ages, the accumulation of data over time becomes enormous, resulting in an equal scale in costs associated with processing power. In addition, maintenance and licensing costs associated with tools embedded into the on-prem architecture can increase to the same proportions.

Therefore, our client was in need of a cost-effective and modern cloud platform to replace their on-premises data centers. Through Adastra’s vast experience in the field, our client’s legacy systems were successfully migrated to Google Cloud through IICS. Through our migration methodology and QA testing, we created a bulletproof solution. Our client now has a state-of-the-art and modern platform, with a fraction of the legacy system’s costs.


GCP was chosen as the suitable platform after a series of analysis based on the client’s needs and expectations as well as technical reviews by Adastra’s experts. Since our client’s data center and sales processing were located on-prem and worked with PowerCenter, we leveraged mass ingestion to migrate the on-premises data to the IICS Cloud in the first step. This allowed us to eventually execute the migration to GCP.

Cloud migrations are not necessarily “plug and play” processes and require significant expertise in the field. Only a select few organizations are certified to migrate PowerCenter to IICS and to GCP around the world. Adastra is one of few selected partners of Informatica that have the capability to undertake such a process and was chosen to execute the project.  Our deep expertise in the retail industry and our local footprint were additional proof points to convince the client.


Our client is becoming a leader in the Retail sector due to their investment in their modern data analytics platform. The project permitted our client to resolve an aging infrastructure with a significant technical debt. The scalable environment on GCP is allowing the organization to access their mission critical data with certainty and trust. Adastra’s solution delivered beyond expectations and is contributing to our client’s increased profitability. Additional benefits from the implementation:

  1. Datacenter maintenance/upgrade costs are significantly reduced
  2. Resolution of technical debt
  3. Ability to provide system availability of 99.9%
  4. Acquisition of a modern, resilient, scalable data environment

Client Summary

The client we cooperate is a prominent discount mass merchandiser retailer in Canada that operates in numerous provinces across more than 260 locations. Through the application of this solution, our client is rapidly emerging as a frontrunner in the field by utilizing data and analytics through cloud-based solutions.

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