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A Cloud Provider Evaluation determines which platform and provider are best suited for your Data and AI objectives. It offers your business flexibility and options for deploying your data. On-premise applications are located onsite at an organization, with data stored directly on a private Cloud in this location. Private Cloud may be on-premise or hosted by a third party and is strictly available to a single organization. Public Cloud enables applications, services, and data storage platforms to be available on highly scalable shared infrastructure. Hybrid Cloud solutions may consist of on-premises, private cloud, and public cloud platforms with interconnectivity amongst them.

A Cloud Provider Evaluation allows organizations to choose an effective platform to enable their data strategy, based on specific criteria.

The environment you choose and services offered through the Cloud Provider determine what you’ll receive from it. Selecting the right Cloud platform is critical to the long-term success of an enterprise’s Cloud journey. There are multiple providers in the private and public Cloud realm, including the 3 largest global providers Azure, AWS and GCP.

Why choose Adastra?

With a myriad of platforms and providers, it can be difficult to choose the correct one. At Adastra, our Cloud-Provider Evaluation starts with a comprehensive analysis of requirements, processes, policies, and standards to successfully select a Cloud service provider that best fits the needs of your enterprise. We focus on investigating providers’ capabilities, certifications, pricing, service levels and delivery models to ensure you get the scalability, flexibility and performance you need.

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