Cloud Security & Privacy

The cloud opens up a lot of opportunities. We make sure you can use them safely.

The security and privacy of data is of utmost importance to any data-driven business. That is why all major public cloud providers implement the highest security standards for their cloud infrastructure. They ensure protection from different kind of attacks such as physical attacks or DDoS. Through data encryption at rest as well as in transit the confidentiality and integrity of your data is ensured. However, the extensive possibilities and flexibility of the cloud services allow for misconfigurations that may expose sensitive data.

Why Choose Adastra?

We make sure that you don't have to worry

You can rely on established best practices and a wealth of experience

Adastra's experts provide guidance and implement all the necessary measures to setup and use cloud services in a way that is secure by design. Always in close collaboration with the cloud providers, we follow their best practices for architecture, identity and access management and all other areas in which we are active, to deliver solutions with top-notch security.

We have created countless custom-tailored authorization and security concepts and put them into practice in successful projects. Our customers benefit from our experience in sectors, where security and privacy are a number one priority, like finance and healthcare.

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