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We help you to maximize the value of your IoT data.

The Adastra IoT Analytics Factory is the place to be for your IoT Data. Here, data from your smart systems is consolidated and analyzed to generate maximum value from your data. For this, we are using our powerful and proven Data Lake Framework, specifically tuned for IoT.

The Adastra IoT Analytics Factory is based on Adastra's Data Lake Framework, which has been implemented successfully in very many projects, custom-tailored to the specific requirements of our clients. In this data lake, data is collected and consolidated as a first step, in cloud environments as well as on-prem. Data from various different sources can be combined, for example from ERP or CRM systems or from financial accounting. By virtue of the tremendous opportunities of Industry 4.0, we can now enrich Data Lakes with valuable sensor data. This way, you'll be able to discover valuable possibilities for optimizing your production processes.

Industry 4.0 is built on connectivity and sensor data. A lot of German businesses are already doing a great job with that. But very few of them know how to really maximize the value of their data. The first step is to consolidate data in a way that enables efficient and comprehensive analysis to unlock hidden gems.

Toma Buchinsky

Toma Buchinsky

CEO, Adastra Germany

The Adastra IoT Analytics Factory consolidates and classifies your data - scalable and secure. You will profit from our wealth of expertise in Big Data Engineering: We consult you with the development or improvement, management and analysis of your existing or soon-to-be-built data lake. For this, we are making use of Machine Learning, to enable solid, data-driven decisions. By using Artificial Intelligence, in-depth analyses and reportings are available for you. Adastra is at your side when it comes to implementing solutions for Monitoring, Vizualization or predictive Maintenance in real time to help you run your hardware in the most efficient way.


This is how your IoT Analytics Factory is built:

Adastra helps to identify a suitable solution for your specific use case. We'll start with a global assessment of your current infrastructure. After that, we will work closely together to find the best possible streaming technology for your specific environment to transport your IoT Data to its storage in the most efficient way. With our expertise in Information Management, we'll make absolutely sure, that you will get a sound, reliable, high-performing data lake where the data from all the relevant sources can be consolidated and readied for analysis.


The Adastra IoT Analytics Factory works irrespective of how you have setup the machines in your business. Even better, it can be deployed on various different platforms, for example AWS IoT, MS Azure IoT Hub, Siemens MindSphere and others. By using platform-native tools, we can make use of the specific strenghts of various different platforms to their fullest potential.

Why Adastra?

Adastra's 15 years of experience in Data Management make Adastra a valuable partner to your business. We have tuned our proven framework for usage in IoT context and offer our customers the most flexible solution you will find. Out-of-the-box solutions are often very expensive and offer little room for customizing, if any. Adastra delivers a framework built on proven best practices and with the ability to adapt to your specific requirements seemlessly.

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