Internet of Things

Transforming your everyday things into an ecosystem of data.

One of the most important things for an organization is to remain nimble in an ever-changing environment. The Internet of Things (IoT) has made attaining this goal more possible than ever. IoT generates, gathers and processes data through a collection of connected devices, systems or objects to successfully deliver an operational objective. In other words, it makes dumb things behave smart by bringing inanimate objects to digital life. With IoT, businesses can perform with unlimited potential.

Innovate and execute with confidence.

IoT walks the walk. Period. Along with streaming data, Big Data and real-time Advance Analytics, IoT has provided an opportunity to optimize decisions with enhanced integration and collaboration between systems. Its powerful and emergent capabilities have the potential to feed your business with enormous amounts of raw data, turning insights into action.

Why Choose Adastra?

Adastra is here to help you utilize data for better business decisions, leveraging the connectivity of today’s smart devices. Our teams of experts are continuously coming up with new ways to leverage the power of IoT for a more knowledgeable and automated future. Adastra focuses on developing IoT solutions that go beyond an operational need, applying advance and sophisticated analytics to information from one or multiple IoT systems. We have acquired expertise in a wide variety of industries such as smart retail, smart construction, smart transit, smart cities and smart building energy management. We can do safe when it makes sense, but we love to push boundaries and step above the standard and conservative.

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