07. 10. 2019

Reading time: 2 minutes

Adastra has changed its logo and visual identity

After a series of acquisitions and expanding its competencies in the sphere of corporate digital transformation, consulting company Adastra has changed its visual identity and logo. The goal is to simplify communication and make the firm’s direction unambiguously recognizable and transparent.

The agency behind the new visual identity is Proboston Creative, a member of the Adastra Group. The principal element of the new design is the logo symbolizing the growth with which Adastra helps its clients. It reflects Adastra’s continuous pursuit of improvement and development.

“The modern world is driven by data, and from a purely data-focused business, we have evolved into one of the most important players on the IT market. Specializing in data and information management as well as digital transformation, we master every complex tool so that we can support our clients’ journey into the future”, says Toma Buchinsky, CEO of Adastra Germany. “The new design just reflects developments within Adastra. As we expand the range of solutions that we offer, we are looking for ways to communicate them to our clients more easily.”

The new corporate identity embodies the values of Adastra Group and shall help communicating its solutions more smoothly and attractively in the future. After the new logo, the corporate identity and the new web design is already being used in Czech Republic, Slovakia and Germany now, it will be adopted by other members of the Adastra Group around the world as well.

Adastra has also launched its new website, which now offers specific inspiration for digital solutions across various industries. From the original focus on data processing, analysis and warehousing, Adastra’s competencies have gradually extended to Big Data Engineering, Cloud Services, Artificial Intelligence, the Internet of Things and Digital Transformation. Today the company provides a full range of services for the comprehensive digitalization of corporate systems and processes.