10. 03. 2022

Adastra stands with Ukraine

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Adastra Germany Fundraising Campaign

We at Adastra Germany would like to use all resources available to assist the people in Ukraine in such a difficult time. Therefore, we have already donated 3,000 € to the three organizations listed below. We want to expand our donations even further.

Our employees are highly committed to reaching out to the people of Ukraine in this time of need. With local fundraisings, we were able to collect and donate urgently needed food, but also clothes and medicine. However, this is not enough.

To go one step further, an internal fundraising campaign will take place at Adastra Germany this month. This has the goal of raising a minimum amount of 5,000 €. At the end of March, Adastra Germany will double the amount raised by the employees by up to 5,000 €.

Furthermore, we are in close contact with Adastra Slovakia to find out firsthand which donations are especially needed. There is a direct channel to send to the East immediately.

If you would like to learn more about how you can get involved yourself, please feel free to contact us or take a closer look at the following pages: