24. 03. 2020

Reading time: 2 min.

Reasons why it's time for your Cloud Migration

There are many reasons why public sector customers are migrating their Data Warehouse to the Cloud. Some are migrating to the Cloud to increase the productivity of their workforce. Others are looking to consolidate data centres, minimize costly infrastructure sprawl and build a modernized version of their data-driven legacy applications that lost value over time. Each company will have its own motivation to move to the Cloud. Some of the most common business drivers across the public sector are:

Reduced Operational Costs

Beside the elimination of capital expenditures, Cloud deployments help to reduce operational costs. According to the Federal CIO Survey, 73% of the company’s budget is spent on operations and maintenance versus activities focusing on creating customer value. Cloud deployments help minimize the amount of time and money spent on deliverables of lesser value and help in shifting IT resources onto projects that drive innovation such as improving the analysis of data.

Increased Workforce Productivity

Cloud adoption drives workforce productivity in multiple ways. Neither end users nor IT professionals must wait for hardware to be purchased, provisioned and patched. Without building data centers or maintaining hardware, IT professionals can access the entire portfolio of Cloud services and can start producing customer value from day one. According to one of the biggest public Cloud providers, it is common to see workforce productivity improvements of 30-50% after migrating on-premise resources to the Cloud.

Improved Operational Resilience

Due to the infrastructural setup of public Cloud providers, organizations can reduce their risk profile and risk mitigation costs when migrating to the Cloud. Cloud computing resources are hosted in multiple locations worldwide providing the opportunity to create fault-tolerant, highly available services across multiple isolated locations.

Adastra supports you during your migration journey from on-premise into the Cloud. By following a structured methodology we assess the baseline capabilities for the migration, map out a migration plan and execute the migration by refining the requirements by an agile, iterative process. In collaboration with our clients, the migrated resources can be operated and optimized to leverage business growth and future innovations.