09. 08. 2022

Run and Scale Analytics in Seconds With Amazon Redshift / Online Session Recording

Reading time: 2 min.

A modern Analytics architecture has become a critical success factor for today’s digital enterprise. With the proliferation of data, organizations must leverage their data to realize scaling insights and create new value, effectively providing a market differentiator and support their Digital Transformation.

Together with the Data Lake, a Data Warehouse implemented using Redshift will allow the organization to deploy Analytics at scale and further advance data democratization.

Using data from a well known automotive manufacturer you will be able to see how Redshift is able to integrate customer data so all relevant use cases can reuse the data while meeting the client’s criteria of being scalable with low cost data storage.

Whether you are beginning your analytics journey, looking to extend your existing capabilities for broader reporting and insights or have a pre-existing solution but are realizing your need for greater flexibility or scale, Redshift offers your enterprise a high caliber platform.

What Will You Learn?

Data trends and the need for Amazon Redshift data warehouse

Query tuning using AQUA to optimize for performance

Provisioning a Redshift cluster in minutes

Taking advantage of Redshift’s unique architecture and limitless concurrency scaling

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