Online World Café Session

How to avoid common IoT data pitfalls? Find out in our free Online Sessions on 4th & 5th Nov!

How can enterprises turn IoT data into valuable information? Find out in our free Online World Café Sessions!

At the IoT World, Adastra has hosted an onsite World Café Session in which we have discovered how to make the most of IoT data. Even though many enterprises have IoT data, they often struggle with turning it into valuable information. They are wondering: is it worth the effort and is worth the investment?

In order to gain profitable insights from IoT data, there is a need for optimization and aggregation. IoT data must be collected and processed before it can be analyzed. Considering these and other relevant aspects, Adastra invites everyone to an exchange on how to avoid common IoT data pitfalls. Looking at how to set up an efficient data strategy, our host Sergius Neumann (Account Manager at Adastra Germany) will address key topics like:

  • How to turn IoT data into valuable information
  • Cloud vs. on-prem setups – advantages & disadvantages
  • The importance of Data Quality & Data Governance
  • Open exchange about challenges & how to approach them
IoT Data

Do you know how to avoid common pitfalls?


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